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The Home Selling Process in a Nutshell

Thinking about selling your home? Awesome – let’s do it! But first, I want to take you through the home selling process, so you know what to expect.Selling your home is kind of a big.

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New Construction: Pros and Cons

You know you’re ready for a new home, but should you buy it or build it? This is the first of many important decisions you’ll make during your home-buying journey. As with anything,

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6 Tips for First-time Home Buyers

Buying your first home is a huge accomplishment! It’s an exciting step in your life that you’ve probably been thinking about (and saving up for!) for a long time. But for most first-time

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Are You Financially Ready for Your First Investment Property?

How do you know when you’re financially ready to tackle your first investment property? That’s the question we’re going to answer together today in a conservative way.It’s

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